Hey there… Thanks for checking out my new website. I write my music because I love composing, playing, and recording…but the main reason that I take the time to record it is for you, so thanks heaps for listening!!

I have just finished the video for my brand new song ‘Maybe Tonite’ and am now working on 2 more brand new pop songs that I’ve written in the last few weeks… coming out for you real soon. I hope you get a chance to look at my videos and also listen to my other songs – my pop songs and sax originals.

I also have another fresh release up on youtube, a sax composition of mine called ‘Rose Colored Sky’. Because I do all the composing, performing, recording, mixing and video editing myself, things tend to take a long time. So I have tried to develop a bit of patience I suppose… One song at a time.

Wishing you Peace and Love, Talita Summer xox